John Cotherman

John Cotherman

Tenkiller LLC

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Vian, Oklahoma, 74962

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Born and raised on Lake Tenkiller, John Cotherman is a Northeastern State University alumnus and career firefighter. His passion for the region led him to own and run a scuba diving shop, providing divers with service for eight years and counting. He has spent his life serving others in business, as a Tulsa fire Captain, as a Scuba Shop Owner and is now excited to help people find their way in the Tenkiller area as a realtor.

John wants to make sure people feel comfortable when they make the investment towards living the lake life and ensure that they have the resources to become well-connected in the area. John Cotherman grew up working in the tourism industry at Lake Tenkiller. A lifelong resident of the area, he started his fire service career in 1994 with Muskogee before hiring on with Tulsa Fire Department in 1995. Thru the years John has promoted up to the rank of Captain with TFD. While working for Tulsa Fire, John also ran his own ranching cow calf operation for over 20 years.

If there’s one thing ranching teaches you its hard work that never ends. John learned to scuba dive here at Lake Tenkiller in 1986. In 2013 John was presented with the opportunity to take over Gene’s Aqua Pro, a scuba shop here on Lake Tenkiller that’s been in business since 1971. It has opened up a whole new world of training divers here at Tenkiller as well as leading them to exotic locations for diving adventure. Gene’s is now in their 50th year of serving divers in Oklahoma and John credits a great team of Instructors and Divemasters with running the shop when John is out handling Real Estate business.

John is a board member with the Greater Tenkiller Area Association as well as the Gore Chamber of Commerce. John became a licensed Realtor early in 2021 and quickly hired on with tenkillerproperty.Com. He looks forward to using his unique skills of personal contacts, local knowledge and business experience to assist you with selling your home or business.